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Guitar Lessons


Brian Ivan has been teaching and performing on guitar for many years.

He received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees from Wayne State University concentrating in Classical Guitar Performance.

As a teacher, my purpose is to teach guitar and music theory in a professional manner in accordance with my training and experience.  I desire to help each student make consistent improvement and maintain high standards for his or her playing.

Students will have the opportunity and will be encouraged to participate in guitar ensembles and recitals.

Lessons available in these areas:
Rock * Country * Folk/Fingerstyle * Jazz and Blues * Worship/Church Songs

Advanced Studies in: 
Music Theory * Chord Construction * Sight Reading * 


I use a standard curriculum and repertoire for all students that offers:

-Proper posture and technique that creates beautiful tone and equips the student for long-term success (Each note should have a beauty of its own!)

- Listening examples for guided practice at home and the development of aural skills.

-Rich and beautiful teacher/student duets that offer much gratification early in the student’s development.

-Beautiful and expressive solo repertoire.

-The majority of the music I use comes from the Christopher Parkening Method in two volumes.

Brian Ivan Guitar

Classical Guitarist

We are located is Sterling Heights, MI.